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RF and Manual in the Same Warehouse

RF Scanner hand-held terminals and Tablet computers using the SEQOS system provide paperless operations for the following functions:

  • Receive orders and stock.
  • Return orders and stock.
  • Putaway stock.
  • Relocate stock.
  • Replenish stock.
  • Pick orders.
  • Pack orders.
  • Despatch orders.
  • Load trucks.
  • Record truck leaving the warehouse.
  • Stock enquiry.
  • Stocktake and cycle counting.

Using the Automated Task Queue, SEQOS assigns the next task (one of those listed above) to the next available RF Terminal operator. SEQOS cannot allocate a task to more than one operator.

When a task is allocated to an operator, the required quantity of the relevant stock item is temporarily reserved at its current location until the transaction is confirmed or cancelled.

Scanning stock ID barcodes, SKU barcodes, and location barcodes using the RF Terminal ensure that every transaction is accurately confirmed.

SEQOS can operate all three warehouse management environments, (1) totally RF terminals, or (2) totally paper-based manual systems, or (3) a mixed environment with RF terminals and paper-based manual systems.

When a report is printed for manual action (item (2) or (3) above), the stock at the location on the report for the required quantity is reserved until the transaction is subsequently confirmed or cancelled on a desktop computer. When the stock is reserved, it cannot be assigned to any other function. This applies to the following functions:
Putaway stock. The stock to be picked up from the receiving area is reserved.
Replenish stock. The stock at the location to be picked up for the replenishment quantity is reserved.
Pick orders. Stock at the picking location for the ordered quantity is reserved. Orders may be split, with each part assigned to different pickers.
Stocktake and cycle counting. The stock to be counted is reserved.

The packing function on the desktop computer allows multiple users to pack different cartons for the same order simultaneously.

Accuracy Assured

Using the SEQOS manual paper driven system, stock integrity is maintained by writing a location check-digit onto the report as the picker visits the location. This applies to the Putaway List, Replenishment List, and Picking Slips.

When the report is returned to a desktop computer to confirm the transactions, the operator keys each location check-digit to validate the transaction occurred at the correct location.

The Location Check Digits may be randomly generated by SEQOS and printed on the location labels to be attached to the physical locations, or the check-digits may be entered or uploaded into the SEQOS location table.