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Exchanging timely, accurate, detailed information between supplier, warehouse, client, retail outlet, and transport companies is essential for businesses to remain competitive, and to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency. Success depends on the flow of complete and accurate information.

EDI and other data mappings are easily configurable in SEQOS. Data is uploaded and downloaded via file transfer, web services, webpage or email. Reports may also be automatically emailed to relevant recipients.

SEQOS includes pre-configured formats to EDI gateway providers and many transport companies. Other gateway providers and transport companies can be readily added.
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Complete ERP solution for SMEs through SEQOS MYOB EXO integration. This provides SMEs of Australian business a powerful business management tool with numerous unique features, and considerably extends the business management capabilities of MYOB EXO accounting products.

Manufacturer, Supplier, Customer Management

Manufacturers, suppliers and customers often have several product code systems that refer to the same physical item. SEQOS provides configurable product mapping tables to convert product codes between the warehouse and the various supply chain entities. Orders and product master files loaded from manufacturers, suppliers and customers are automatically converted to the warehouse product codes. The warehouse product codes are automatically converted back for transaction confirmation data and reports sent to manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Manufacturers may attach labels with barcodes to stock items at the factory before sending them to the warehouse, and upload an Advanced Shipping Notification file to SEQOS. When the stock items physically arrive at the warehouse, the pre-labelled barcodes are scanned and verified in SEQOS to confirm their physical receipt. This significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of the receiving process.

SEQOS provides a very comprehensive kitting function where raw materials or individual components are supplied to the warehouse, and warehouse staff assemble those components to make the finished items or products. For example, mobile phone handsets, prepaid vouchers, booklets and accessories are combined into a mobile phone package. The stock attributes, including serial numbers of the original components, are tracked throughout the kitting processes. Multiple levels of kitting are supported.

SEQOS also seamlessly combines its replenishment and kitting functions to provide KANBAN style manufacturing and assembly process.

Web Browser

A secure web portal provides real-time web browser access to SEQOS data, advantaging suppliers, customers and transport companies.

Self-service Support

  • Reduces phone calls and queries to the warehouse from suppliers, customers and transport companies.
  • Suppliers may upload Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs) to the warehouse prior to stock arrival and view product availability.
  • Customers may upload and amend orders, view product availability and track order status via links to transport company websites for consignment delivery status.
  • Transport companies may view pick-ups and record proof of delivery (POD).

Data and reports may also be downloaded via the web page and automatically loaded into Excel on the user’s computer.

Vendor Managed Inventory

An advantage of this business model is that vendors may have industry experience and expertise that lets them better anticipate demand and inventory needs, eliminating or reducing over and under stocks, and reducing transportation costs by coordinating shipments. An advantage to the customer is that the inventory cost usually remains on the vendor’s books until used by the customer.

Multiple companies may be configured in a single SEQOS implementation. Within each company, stock ownership hierarchy may be configured to unlimited levels. Stock may be transferred between different stock owners. The SEQOS Audit Trail records the full detailed history which can be permanently filed and readily accessed.

Using the SEQOS web portal, vendors can:

  • monitor and optimise inventory levels to maximise return on investment,
  • upload orders, advanced shipping notifications, and product master tables,
  • download picked orders, stock data, product throughput, and reports.