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SEQOS WMS fulfilled software validation for the medical industry in 2021.

Track Every Item Everywhere

Batch, lot, expiry dates, country of origin, status management, serial number tracking are major components of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare items. Serial number tracking has been available in SEQOS since the first version (1993). Initially for tracking road vehicle license plates, and subsequently extended to electronics, mobile phones and SIM cards, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

SEQOS batch, lot, expiry dates, country of origin, status management, serial number tracking is very sophisticated and includes tracking of raw materials into finished goods, tracking unlimited levels of kitting, tracking through every warehouse activity to despatch. The individual carton number of every item sent to the customer is known, recorded by SEQOS, and held on file indefinitely.

Product (minimum shelf-life) expiry dates are calculated from product use-by date / expiry date, such that there is sufficient time to sell the product at the store before the product use-by date / expiry date. “Red Alert” reports are initiated before products reach those dates.

SEQOS does not allow expired products to be picked.

SEQOS has been implemented for pharmaceutical and healthcare warehouses that have ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and GWP accreditation.

Product Recall

Since every individual item is tracked through all processes in the warehouse, and in each carton despatched to customers, the exact location of the item is known.

Configure your own storage requirements

Specific location zones may be assigned to products or product groups. For example, pharmaceuticals requiring refrigeration, or restricted medicines requiring secure storage.

Supply chain visibility

Suppliers may use a secure webpage to view their (1) current stock levels and (2) current status and location of orders to their customers in real-time, right down to serial number level. Availability of this data is a very important feature in pharmaceutical distribution. The secure webpage has links to transport companies to view delivery status.