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Comply with governments' strict regulations for food storage and handling

Storage location zones may be configured for types of product or product groups. For example, frozen goods locations, refrigerated goods locations, and any other user definable location zones. SEQOS ensures that stock is always stored in its correct storage location zone by matching the product storage attributes in the system's master product files.

Instructions may be configured to automatically popup when special handling is required for specific products.

Product batches, lots, country of origin and other configurable attributes are recorded at point of receipt and tracked through all activities in the warehouse to despatch, for easy product recall. A unique stock ID barcode is generated for every different batch or lot. That stock ID is scanned for every warehouse operation to ensure the action is applied to the correct stock.

Products at the location are quarantined or quality checked without having to physically move the stock. Stock under investigation is automatically skipped from the picking process.

Monitor use-by and expiry dates

Warehouse expiry dates are calculated from product use-by date / expiry date, such that there is sufficient time to sell the product at the store before the product use-by date / expiry date. “Red Alert” reports before products reach those dates. SEQOS does not allow expired products to be picked.

Ability to mix products within a range of expiry dates for improved location utilisation.

“FIFO” picking to use oldest (not yet expired) stock first. “LIFO” or “not earlier than date” for export products or for delivery to remote stores. (FIFO = First In, First Out. LIFO = Last In, First Out.)

Efficient Storage

Using throughput history, SEQOS automatically designates storage and picking locations near to the packing and despatch area to reduce the amount of travelling by warehouse staff for frequently picked products, or further from the packing and despatch area for infrequently picked products.

Utilise available space efficiently by following the automatic suggested putaway location based on storage requirements, size of stock and numerous other configurable attributes.

Efficient Pick and Pack

Orders with picks from different location zones may be automatically split and assigned to different pickers in the different zones, then consolidated prior to despatch. (“Automatic” = Decided and directed by SEQOS)

Full case picking may be separated from split case picking, or picks for other units of measure. Split case picking may be from carton-live-storage locations configured with min-max levels for system directed replenishment from full case locations. (“Automatic”)

Pick closest fit within range of dates. For example, if there are several locations with stock within a range of dates, and the location with the oldest stock does not have sufficient for an ordered quantity, then the picker is automatically directed to the next best location to avoid visiting more than one location for a pick.