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Receive Into Warehouse - Transport Management

SEQOS Dock Management function enables operators to readily book timeslots for incoming receipts by individual order number or by supplier and customer. Recurring deliveries may also be scheduled.

Despatch From Warehouse - Transport Management

A report is available to show where quantities of each type of shipper have been despatched. Shippers returned to the warehouse are logged and deducted from the report.

Load Planning The load planning function compares weights and volumes of orders with weight and volume tolerances of available vehicles and customer dock restrictions to recommend vehicles for loading.
Load Checking Packages may be scanned onto vehicles and compared against the prepared manifests to confirm loading.
Load Tracking Vehicle door seal numbers are recorded are printed on despatch documentation.
Pallet Tracking Serialised and non-serialised shippers are tracked, for example, totes, pallets, skids, IBCs, garment carry-cages.
Despatch Documents A variety of despatch documents may be optionally printed including packing lists, contents lists, consignments and manifests.
Dock Booking
Despatches may be booked to a dock location at a specific time by multiple data entry clerks simultaneously. The SEQOS Dock Booking function ensures each dock has a single despatch vehicle booked for the nominated time and duration. dock booking

Deliver To Customer - Transport Management

Transport Web Portal Transport carrier companies may access SEQOS using a specially designed secure Transport Web Portal.

This allows transport companies to view the day's deliveries, and enter Proof-of-Delivery details.

Proof of Delivery Delivery dockets may be signed and returned to the warehouse for data entry to complete the order cycle.

Alternately, the transport company may enter Proof-of-Delivery details via the Transport Web Portal.

Tracked Shippers Serialised and non-serialised shippers are tracked to customers, for example, totes, pallets, skids, IBCs, garment carry-cages.

When those shipper types are later returned to the warehouse, their return is recorded.