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    SEQOS has extensive reporting capabilities.

  • Built In Reports

    Dozens of standard built-in reports show useful data to facilitate warehouse management. Read more More

  • Report Wizard

    Additional simple reports and graphs can be easily created by novice operators step-by-step using the Report Wizard tool. Read more More

  • KPI Reports and Charts

    KPI Reports and Charts show various performance aspects of warehouse operation and location usage. Read more More

  • Billing Reports

    Billing reports may be generated for 3rd Party Logistics Providers to bill their clients for services, transactions and space utilisation. Read more More

  • ODBC Open Database Connectivity

    For more advanced operators, other reporting tools such as Crystal Report Writer and Microsoft Access can directly access the SEQOS data using ODBC to create sophisticated reports, graphs and charts. Read more More

  • Selection Criteria

    Selecting records for all types of reports is easy using a choice of Selection Criteria screens. Read more More