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Audit Trail

All transactions including changes to inventory (listed under Inventory Management) and changes to configuration tables are recorded with date and time stamp, and employee details.

Reports can be generated showing transactions for selected stock items, orders, ranges of dates and many other search criteria.

The Audit Trail is useful for tracking lost or found stock during stocktake and cycle counting.

Automated Task Queue

Transactions may be automatically sent to suitable RF terminals and queued according to configurable priorities. The queued transactions include:

  • Putaway after receiving stock
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Order picking when orders are released
  • Stock due for stocktake or cycle counting

The Automated Task Queue reduces or eliminates the requirement for a supervisor to direct staff to warehouse activities.

Dissimilar tasks such as putaway and picking can be interleaved in SEQOS. After putting away stock, the RF operator can be instructed to pick stock on the way back to the dock to take more stock for putaway. In large warehouses, this can greatly reduce travel time, save fuel and save wear on fork lifts trucks.


Congestion and delays in processing are immediately identified by viewing the monitor graph, which graphically shows the size of each transaction task queue, divided by priority. Drill down to various levels in the graph to find a specific warehouse area requiring attention or additional resources.

Other reports, graphs and charts show productivity, compare employee productivity, and compare labour and throughput with other time and date periods.

Labour Planning

Management uses the Labour Planning report to determine the number of staff required for each day’s activities.

The elapsed time for each individual stock movement and picking transaction is recorded. The report uses that historical data to estimate the required resources for similar transactions in the future.

Productivity Reporting

The start and end time for each transaction on RF devices is recorded for stock putaway, replenishment, miscellaneous movements, and order picking.

The reports show useful data for monitoring productivity:

  • Available time (between logon and logoff)
  • Productive time (between start and end of a task or transaction)
  • Idle time (non-productive time)
  • Number of orders, lines, and items processed (for picking productivity)
  • Actual number of transactions per hour
  • Effective number of transactions per hour as an indicator if employee is 100% productive

Total warehouse performance and performance between different employees is compared.