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ERP and eCommerce Integrations

Connect hundreds of enterprise systems, eCommerce platforms, freight systems, and accounting software to SEQOS, and automatically transfer data seamlessly.

Custom Integrations

Transfer data between SEQOS and other computer systems, automatically import from emails, or upload and download files between your desktop computer and SEQOS.

User configurable field mapping to import and export data via various formats to SEQOS database tables, with field value validation, and error reporting.

Carrier Freight Integrations

As picking and packing is completed for each order, SEQOS automatically sends an electronic message directly to the applicable carrier company for pick-up.

Delivery labels and tracking details are returned to SEQOS electronically. SEQOS automatically prints the labels, and the labels are attached to the order's packages.

The entire process completes within about one second, minimising staff waiting time.

Customers may use the SEQOS web portal to enquire on the status of their delivery.

Materials Handling Equipment Integrations

ASRS Integration (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems)
The SEQOS Automated Task Queue automatically directs put-away and picking to the ASRS controller, including Dematic's Multishuttle® and Geek+ Robots. Put-away confirmations and pick confirmations are returned from the controller to update the SEQOS data.
Forklifts and Cranes

Materials Handling Equipment

A warehouse may have several different types of equipment which work in isolated areas. For example, a gas-operated fork lift might not be permitted into an area of the warehouse. Another example is a very-narrow-ailse crane might be restricted to the very-narrow-aisles.

SEQOS uses "staging" locations to pass stock between different types of equipment. When stock is confirmed at a staging location by one RF using a type of equipment, another suitable RF with another type of equipment is automatically triggered to pick up the stock.
SEQOS is integrated to several different brands of pick-to-light systems including a proprietary system.

Materials Handling Equipment

Multiple carousels operating simultaneously are supported. For example, while picking from one carousel, another carousel is instructed to turn to be ready for the next pick. The replenishment function is also integrated with the carousels by instructing the carousel to spin to the required location to replenish stock.

Multi-order picking is supported by picking the total quantity from a carousel bin and distributing to orders on a bench, all using pick-to-light.
Check-Weigh Materials Handling Equipment

The weight of a shipper (tote or carton) and its contents is calculated and compared with the weight transmitted from the scales. If the weight is outside a tolerance, the shipper is rejected to a "checking" lane.
Sortation Diverters Barcoded cartons for multiple orders are placed on a conveyor. A fixed-head scanner near the end of the conveyor reads the barcode and SEQOS operates a diverter at the right time for the corresponding order's lane.