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The SEQOS system is truly a package. Every SEQOS-managed warehouse or store uses exactly the same software, irrespective of the size of the warehouse operation and its staff.

The SEQOS package is individually customised for each installation by entry into PC screens of the "business" and "warehouse" rules for a company's stock and staff management, and by entering system configuration parameters into "open" stock management tables.

Configuration parameter options can be selected not only from standard tables, but each warehouse can also design its own tables, and use its own company's and industry's unique terms and expressions, to exactly match each individual warehouse's specific requirements.

Multi Company Multi Warehouse

Multiple companies may operate from the same warehouse in shared locations or separate locations.

Reporting: All orders and stock in all warehouses can be enquired on at any other warehouse within the same company.

Replenishment: Replenishment Stock can be easily transferred from one warehouse to another. Enquiries on the stock can be made while in-transit.

Picking: Orders can be split by warehouse depending on available stock-on-hand.


SEQOS has been translated into Korean, Thai, Traditional Chinese and partly translated into Simplified Chinese. Double-byte character sets, unicode and UTF8 are supported.

Received stock is recorded in the receiving currency. Sell price to customers is recorded in the currency required by the customer.

Stock and order reports show values in multiple currencies using the SEQOS Exchange Rate table which may be updated daily.

Taiwan date with year 0 in 1911AD, and Buddhist Era 2000AD=2543BE are supported, including correct leap year dates. Various date formats available including Day Month Year, Month Day Year, Year Month Day with delimiters slash, dot or dash.

User Configurable Screen Layouts

SEQOS Functions’ Menu
The hierarchical layout and the user access levels of the SEQOS Functions' Menu and the SEQOS graphical icon menu may be reconfigured. Additional different menu layouts may be created and separately applied to individual users.

Different colours may be assigned to each type of control: including prompts, input boxes, headings, menu popups, button labels, etc. Different colour schemes may be separately applied to individual users.

Lists of records
Columns may be resized, added, removed, swapped.

Detail screens (Property sheets)
Prompts and their input boxes may be resized, added, removed, moved between different tabs. New tabs created and existing tabs removed.

User Defined Fields

Hundreds of additional data fields may be configured for prompting, and stored against most SEQOS record types.

The SEQOS record lists and detail screens automatically show the additional data fields without the need to reconfigure the screen layout.

The additional fields may be mapped in inbound and outbound records to enterprise systems.

The fields are also available to the Report Wizard tool to print on reports, and as additional table columns via ODBC access for other reporting tools.