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Warehouse Assets Management is fully integrated into the SEQOS package.

This SEQOS facility addresses the problem that manual processes for maintaining the location of assets, calculating depreciation and scheduling maintenance for mechanical assets can be quite cumbersome, and is frequently overlooked in packaged warehouse management systems.

Warehouse assets may reside in (1) warehouse storage locations, (2) addresses of suppliers or customers, or (3) any other manually entered location or address.

Assets may relate to stock records, with all the usual stock attributes including batch, lot, expiry date, serial numbers, and other user-defined attributes, as well as brand, model and model number, or may be manually entered (not relating to stock records).

Depreciation is automatically applied to assets with tangible value using one of these methods:

  • Double Diminishing (used in Australia)
  • Reducing Balance
  • Straight Line

Maintenance may be scheduled. Description and other details entered.

Complete history of all activities of each asset including movements.