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Approximate values may be entered as an indication of the sizes.

Size in square metres
Number of Picking Locations (Pick faces)
Number of CLS (Carton Live Storage) Locations
Number of Pallet Rack Bulk Locations
Number of Pallet Block-Stack Locations
Number of Drive-In Pallet Locations
Other special locations: Fridge, freezer, dangerous goods, cantilever, safe.


Can provide warehouse layout so that SEQOS can calculate optimal travel

Configure location dimensions to validate the size of stock that can be stored. Product sizes must also be configured.

Configure location weight tollerences.

Rack weight limits, maximum floor loading for an area of locations.

Yard management for containers and trucks.

Hardware Devices Related to Location Storage

Integration with 3rd party automated picking systems.

Software controlled scales for checking weights.

Software controlled conveyor diverters for sorting delivery runs.

Other Software Controlled Devices.


Total number of Products
Number of Kit Products

Number of Products for Serial Number Tracking

Style/coulour/size for apparel and shoes.

Expiry dates.

Batches and lots.

Country of origin.

Material composition, HS/HTS code and description. For export orders.

Other attributes.

Prices are not used by the warehouse or needed for desptach documents.

Prices loaded with each order.

Prices maintained in product data.

Activity Billing

Processing orders and storing stock on behalf of clients can be automatically invoiced using configured rates.

Charge for processing receipts.

Enter miscellaneous charges on completion of receipts. For example, unloading containers, palletising, shrink-wrapping, inspection, labelling, special handling.

Charge for entering orders.

Charge for picking orders.

Enter miscellaneous charges on completion of picking and /or packing. For example, shrink-wrapping, packing, special handling.

Storage charges.

Pallet rental. Container rental.

Freight chargers, Carrier and service. Postcode, region, international. By weight, volume, cubic weight. By number of cartons, number of pallets. Fuel levy.