SEQOS - Solutions for Diverse Industries

With 20 years of installations in a variety of diverse industries, SEQOS controls your inventory and warehouse to the strictest standards with the productivity you require, yet is easy to install, easy to use. Efficient operation of all aspects of warehouse usage and management is the primary objective of every SEQOS installation.

SEQOS - Driven by Results

Optimum results from a SEQOS Warehouse Management System are achieved by using hand-held RF terminals through which staff are automatically directed and monitored in real time through every aspect of their work. Automatically updated audit trails, which are confidential to management, with all audit entries identified by employee ID and times and type of work, are available for monitoring and planning.

SEQOS - The Unique System

SEQOS is designed for rapid implementation. Initially configured to the client's specification, any aspect of the SEQOS configuration parameters may be changed at any time to incorporate client’s changing business requirements. The unique structure of the SEQOS system enables unusual operational and management requirements to be easily incorporated into SEQOS without affecting the integrity of the overall system.

SEQOS – Manages the Most Important Resource - Staff

Using the SEQOS Automated Task Queue to direct and manage staff and equipment, (1) staff face-to-face supervision is reduced or eliminated, (2) staff training requirements are reduced, and (3) equipment usage is optimised. Newly-employed staff can become productive within the first day of employment.

SEQOS – Optimises Warehouse Management

The abundance of SEQOS features covers all aspects of inventory handling, from receiving goods into the warehouse, system-directed storage management, and automatic despatch scheduling to ensure delivery on-time, every time. SEQOS provides tools which automatically monitor and manage every task and every employee’s operations and performance, so that warehouse space and equipment usage is optimised.

SEQOS – Support

With installations across the globe, experienced members of our 24/7 support team are always available.